The Intimate Hygiene Line

The Research and Development Laboratories of the CTS pharmaceutical company have developed Femina – a product line for the ultimate intimate feminine hygiene.  Femina is a line of hygienic medically-oriented products, manufactured by a pharmaceutical company, that is perfectly adjusted for external washing of the intimate area and specially formulated to:

» Help maintain acidic pH; contains lactic acid to encourage the natural vaginal acidity

» Calm the vaginal discharge symptoms; contains Tree Tea Oil, one of nature's essential oils with natural mild antiseptic properties to promote the body's natural microbial balance

» Help women to avoid reappearance of vaginal discharge

» Tailor the right preparation to women's needs 

CTS Healthcare products are the leading healthcare products in Israel, with Femina products being the top of its kind in

intimate Hygiene

Femina products are exported to foreign markets around the world, and CTS Healthcare Division is in constant search for additional markets to export its brand name products or to market them as private label products.

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