Why choose Femina?

We realize that in order to keep your feminine hygiene in check, you need an intimate partner. Femina offers you a gentle, natural and medically proven treatment. Femina understands what you're going through and has all the right solutions.

Femina & You

Maintain & Control: Femina products contain lactic acid to encourage the natural vaginal acidity and help maintain acidic pH.

Enrich & Balance: Femina products are enriched with Aloe-Vera, Tree Tea Oil, Sea Buckthorn and other natural extracts to promote the body's natural microbial balance.

Calm & Avoid: Using Femina on a daily basis calms the vaginal discharge symptoms, and helps women avoid reappearance of vaginal discharge.

Clean & Refresh: Everyday use of Femina helps to clean and refresh your intimate areas and prevents bad odors and itchiness.

Proven & effective: Femina intimate wash is tailored to every phase of your life including pregnancy and menopause, and their effectiveness is formulated to match that stage of life.

Hygienic & natural: Femina intimate hygiene products are manufactured by a pharmaceutical company as a line of hygienic medically-oriented products.

Leading & Recommended: Femina is the leading brand in Israel for intimate wash and feminine hygiene, and is highly recommended by gynecologists who advise on feminine wash.

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