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Do you suffer from excessive vaginal discharges, bad odors or disturbing itchiness? This is how you can handle the disturbing problem and restore the freshness feeling throughout the day

Vaginal discharge is a common phenomenon among women, causing discomforts due to its side effects such as bad odors, staining the underwear and itchiness or burning sensations. It is important to notice that such vaginal discharges do not indicate that you are suffering from infection or any other problem, and in most cases a simple treatment can help you get rid of this disturbing phenomenon.

How to avoid vaginal infections and inflammations?
The vagina is an area regularly inhabited with good bacteria that can be found in other parts of our body as well. The most common vaginal bacteria is the Lactobacillus, which helps maintaining the acidity (pH 3.5) of the vagina by producing lactic acid that protects the vagina from various infections using anti-bacterial activity. The main reason for itches, discharges, inflammations and infections is the violation of the natural bacterial balance and change in the acidity level, which can be the result of various factors such as antibiotics, a too tight pair of jeans or staying in an unsterile environment.

To avoid itches in the vagina it is recommended to regularly use vaginal wash. intimate wash keeps the pH level balanced and protects the vagina from infections and inflammations. CTS Research Department has developed the Femina line of products including unique products for keeping feminine hygiene, preventing infections and itches in your intimate areas and nurturing the safety and freshness feeling that is vital for every woman.

The Advantages of Using Femina

» Femina intimate wash products are the only ones containing lactic acid with a 3.5 pH level, specifically designed to the vaginal area, that protects it against infections.

» Using Femina feminine wash helps decrease the vaginal discharges and the chance of infections.

» Femina products are recommended by gynecologists more than any other douche.

» Femina has products designed for every woman, including products for pregnant women, menopausal women and women who suffer from high sensitivity.

» Femina line of products is safe to use and do not contain Parabens - chemical preservatives that can cause serious illnesses. The douche does not contain SLS and SLES as well - detergents that may cause itches and are suspected as causing cancer. 

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